MEMORY VERSE : Joshua 1:8
The secret of success is found in the bible, as we give our life to God and allow him to lead us through his word and our devotion to him, we begins to experience success in our day to day activities. Giving our life to Him requires more than sporadic service attendance, quiet time and prayer, it involves making him the Lord of our lives, walking daily by the Savior’s side as the song writer put it. We are going to look at today’s study using the acronyms:

M – Meditation Joshua 1:8 ; Psalms 1:2 ; 1 Timothy 4:15
God gave Joshua the strategy that can work for anyone who is caught in a frustrating situation of life. When the future looked gloomy and uncertain for Joshua, God told him to cleave to the Bible for his meditation and prayer day and night. When he obeyed this, Joshua found good success in life without a shadow of doubt.

O – Obedient : Deuteronomy 28:1-2; 1 Samuel 15:22; 1 John 2:4
Obedient is the blue print for a Christian life, no true success can be accomplished without obeying our master and Lord Jesus Christ. Illustration .John Kenneth Galbraith, in his autobiography, A Life in Our Times, illustrates the devotion of Emily Gloria Wilson, his family’s housekeeper: It had been a wearying day, and I asked Emily to hold all telephone calls while I had a nap. Shortly thereafter the phone rang. Lyndon Johnson was calling from the White House.
“Get me Ken Galbraith. This is Lyndon Johnson.”
“He is sleeping, Mr. President. He said not to disturb him.”
“Well, wake him up. I want to talk to him.”
“No, Mr. President. I work for him, not you. When I called the President back, he could scarcely control his pleasure. “Tell that woman I want her here in the White House.”
Our white house is Heaven, when we obey God we will be welcome in heaven @ the last day!!

P – Prayer Philippians 4:6, Psalm 63:1-7; Daniel 6:10;
King David and Daniel developed their relationships with God through prayer in the wilderness of Judah. He said: early in the morning will I seek thee O Lord. His soul was longing for God knowing that power and glory belonged to God. He promised to praise the Lord with a joyful heart always. Daniel wouldn’t allow anything to interfere with his prayer life.